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Skunk Trapping - How to Trap a Skunk

GENERAL SKUNK TRAPPING: Skunk trapping is subject to state laws regarding capture and relocation or euthanization of wildlife. If you have unwanted skunks outside the home, in some cases, the only fix is to trap and remove the nuisance wildlife. We can safely, legally, and effectively catch and remove your nuisance skunks. Trapping is an art, and most amateur attempts go awry for a variety of reasons. An intimate knowledge of skunk behavior, both prior to and after trapping, and of various skunk trap types is necessary to ensure that the skunk is trapped and removed without incident.

  • STEP 1: Determine if trapping is necessary, or if there is a preventative alternative.
  • STEP 2: Select the right trap for the situation, of at least a dozen types of skunk traps.
  • STEP 3: Set the traps in the correct areas, in the shade, camouflaged, on a flat sturdy surface, away from any obstructions or areas that can be damaged, etc.
  • STEP 4: Use the correct bait. Don't use meat-based baits, which can attract stray cats.
  • STEP 5: Monitor the trap daily, remove trapped skunks (carefully!) and transport them.
What happens to trapped skunks? - It has been shown that the only really successful way in which you can effectively deal with an skunk invasion is to have it removed from your property, whether this is your land or home, and have the creature safely removed somewhere else. Of course, this is the very basic way of looking at things and there are much more complex matters to be taken into consideration, which is why we are going to state very early on, that this is something that you should not be thinking about doing yourself, and the assistance of a professional wildlife expert or animal control professional is going to be the best solution to the problem. Just take a look at all of the things that you are going to need to concern yourself with, should you decide to “go it alone”:
  • What kind of trap do you need to buy?
  • What kind of bait do you need?
  • Where are you going to place the traps?
  • What times are you going to place the traps?
  • Do you have kids or children? This means that you won’t be able to leave the traps out at all times, and also the situation could get particularly nasty, especially for your household cat!
  • How long is the average time frame for catching an skunk? Should you leave the traps out for a week before you call a professional? Two days? Two weeks?
  • What are you going to do with the skunk once you have caught it? Do you know the legalities in your state? How far away from your home do you need to put the newly relocated skunk to ensure that it doesn’t come back?
As you can probably see, trapping and releasing an skunk by yourself is going to be no easy task. Ideally, you should be calling on the help of an expert otherwise it could be a while before you are finally free of this tiny beast!

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About skunks - Biology, diet, etc.
Do skunks attack pets? - Sure! They spray them!
Should I feed a baby skunk I found?
Baby skunk removal - A nest of babies under the shed.
Do skunks burrow underground? - They dig, but don't burrow.
Do skunks attack chickens? - Rarely.
City/County Skunk Removal? Not Likely. - The county won't help for free.
Do skunks climb trees or fences? - They can't really climb well.
Damage Skunks Cause under a House - Odor problems, mostly.
Do skunks come out during the day? - Sometimes. May not be rabid.

Learn if it is legal for you to trap a skunk, and what to do if a skunk gets inside your house. Find out some humane ways to kill a skunk in a cage and if it is safe to handle a skunk with bare hands. I can show you how to keep skunks out of your Garden and how to Exclude Skunks without Trapping Them. Find out if skunks fight each other and if they are generally aggressive. Learn whether or not skunk feces are dangerous to touch or breathe, and what to do with a skunk after you catch it. I cna show you what equipment is needed to trap a skunk, as well as how to Find and Remove a Dead Skunk. Read about the Diseases Skunks Carry, why skunks dig, their natural diet, and if a skunk under a shed or porch will have a nest of babies.

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