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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - What are some humane ways to kill a skunk in a cage?

What are some humane ways to kill a skunk in a cage?

Skunks are never welcome in any kind of property and once these creatures enter into your life no stone is left unturned for getting rid of them. The best and most compatible method which is normally used for getting rid of skunks is to trap the animals. After trapping skunks you have a variety of options. You can either relocate the skunks far away from the house at a safe place or can take different steps for killing the animal. Trapping and relocating in most cases is termed as an ideal strategy because this is after all a humane approach, but still in some situations you are left with no other choice than to kill the animal. In these conditions the most popular question is what are some humane ways to kill a skunk in a cage?

Killing a living being is always tough and complicated and no matter how much you try skunk will get exposed to pain. However, when can get careful enough to inflict minimum pain on the creature and in this section we will discuss some ways that can be used for killing the skunk in a humane manner.

Shooting the skunk is a decent option more specifically when you have a very good aim. Shooting is simple and there are no complications associated with this strategy. Be careful to shoot the animal right in the region of head because this will kill it immediately. Place the cage and a suitable distance, take aim and fire it is as simple as that. However, there are some risks present as well like shooting will lead to blood and it can spread zoonotic infections even rabies. Therefore, you should be careful and must take all the precautionary measures before adopting this strategy.

Blunt force trauma is another strategy which can be used. Here all that you need to do is to strike the head of the animal with something heavy so that it can die at once. But you have to be spot on here because if the animal is not killed with the first blow, then you will have to repeat it and skunk will be exposed to great pain.

There are snap traps also present which kill the skunks immediately. You can also use these for killing skunks without much pain.

In all cases never use poison for killing skunks because it inflicts a slower and painful death.

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