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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - City/County Skunk Removal? Not Likely.

City/County Skunk Removal? Not Likely.

A distinction can be made between “animal control” services, which government entities tend to provide, and “pest control services,” which are usually the province of private companies and are rarely covered by public services.

Let’s say you have a skunk that has denned up under your porch, in your crawl space or in an outbuilding. In rural areas, it is often permissible to eradicate skunks as pests, but in more populated areas, the preferred solution is to contact a pest removal service that employs humane trapping and removal. These companies know the habits and behavior of various intrusive animals and maintain the expertise and resources to deal with them.

That’s especially important when it comes to coping with skunks because they can be persistent, malodorous and destructive as they den up and dig their way through fields, meadows, lawns and gardens in search of food. Even so, they are generally docile and are often a protected species.

Gated traps are well suited for capturing the animals and are available in two basic forms. They should be placed at or near a den entrance so that once trapped, an animal can be taken to a hospitable wild environment for release. If a skunk is reluctant to leave its den, an expert will often deploy floodlights to drive it out and into the trap.

Box-shaped wire traps normally have a spring-loaded gate at one end that snaps shut when an animal enters the cage, usually to get at some bait. In use, wire traps are usually covered partially with a blanket to establish a dimly lit interior that is non-disturbing to the animal. The blanket can then be extended to cover the entire cage for its removal. Cautiously.

Plastic box traps are similar to the cages in that they also have a spring-loaded trap door but they are completely enclosed, preventing the trapper from being sprayed if the animal becomes agitated when approached for removal.

While in rural areas, it is often permissible to eradicate the animals as pests, the best solution in populated areas is to contact a pest removal service that employs human trapping and removal. An advantage to working with wildlife removal experts is that once the initial problem has been solved, the company can take measures to prevent further occupations. Such services include surveying the structure to locate additional means of entry and egress, boarding up the holds or closing them off with wire mesh hardware cloth. Exclusion rocks.

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