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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - What if a skunk got inside my house?

What if a skunk got inside my house?

A skunk may get into your house and gain access into your attic, bedroom, kitchen and even bathroom, especially when you leave the door, or window opened. Sometimes, skunks can squeeze their bodies through narrow openings and cracks to gain entrance into the main compartments of the house. Skunks usually gain access into homes when there are little or no human activities. First of all a skunk may enter into the yard, garden, or garage, then if it is still not suspected, it may move under the deck or access the patio , before moving into the inside of the home.

Skunks are lured by several things into the house , they may be lured by pet food , especially when the pets are fed outside of the house. Sometimes, fruits felling from trees may attract Skunks into the house, especially when such fruits are not removed and dispose on timely manner. Skunks also enter homes when they are abandoned, and may hide for a while in broken ceilings or roofs.

You need to be careful when handling a skunk that has moved into your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or any other compartment of the house. First of all, the animal may be sick and may transfer bacteria or viral infections, including rabies, if it bites you or you come in contact with its saliva or blood. For this reason you must be protected against the skunk attack.

Make sure you wear protective clothing, and do not try to attack the skunk , rather , try as much as possible to wear gloves, and protective clothing. If possible wear a face mask, and then stay far from the animal while you use a body-grabbing tool to capture it. Don’t chase the skunk around, try as much as possible to open all doors and windows in the house , just to ensure that the animal find a space to move out. If the skunk is in the living room, then you must shut your bedroom, kitchen and bathroom door but open the windows and doors in the living room to allow the animal runs out.

If The skunk is your bedroom or bathroom, try to chase it into the living room and close the doors to other compartments , while the living room doors and windows are opened. If you corner the animal , don’t use your bare hands to capture it, rather , make use of a tool and an evacuation cage to capture and relocate the animal.

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