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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - Baby skunk removal

Baby skunk removal

Baby skunk removal is usual problem that people encounter when they need to deal with skunk removal. Skunks in human neighborhood usually arrive when they are pregnant and create their dens under the porch or a deck where they give birth to baby skunks and feed them there until they are grown enough to go out during the night with their mother to search for food. Now, as much as it might be easy to catch and deal with an adult skunk, the problem with baby skunks is much bigger because baby skunks are ready to spray their smell spray at anything and everything and they don't have any control in spraying. Unlike adult skunk, who will first warn opponent about its intention to spray, baby skunk doesn't warn-he instantly sprays as soon as he sees anything as a potential threat. This makes baby skunk removal very difficult and messy affair.

Baby skunks are born in the early spring and they are not ready to go outside with their mother for at least month, month and half. This is important info for baby skunk removal because if you want to remove it you need to have mobile baby skunks or otherwise you will not be able to trap them and get them from under your porch.

The method to remove baby skunks from under your deck or a porch is to place one-way exclusion trap on their usual entrance/exit from den and to close all other possible (alternative) exists and entrances. This way, baby skunks will be forced to enter trap from which they will not be able to go back into the den. Now you will have them safely placed in the trap from which you can remove and relocate them elsewhere in a safe way and on a safe location.

If you place one way exclusion trap on the entrance of den too soon, this will not be good because baby skunks will not be able to enter it and mother will not be able to get to them to feed them, in which case they can die of starvation which will cause even larger problem for you.

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