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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - Do skunks come out during the day?

Do skunks come out during the day?

Skunks are considered to be nocturnal animals, similar to bats, opossums and other. Skunks will come out at night to hunt and feed. They will use the protection of the dark to catch their prey unguarded, which specifically stands for skunks breaking in to farms and hunting smaller farm animals. For this reason, many people believe that skunks are active only during the night. There are, however, many examples of skunks being cought outside during the day. For this reason, the myth that skunks, as well as all other nocturnal animals become active only during the night, is brought to question.

Even though skunks are the most active during the night, they are also active during the day. Skunks will, however, spend the most of the day in hiding. They will be leaving their dens, but they will als hide from plain sight. This means that, even though skunks are normally nosturnal animals, they are also active during the day as well. However, skunks are more sensitive during the day. They are slower and more vulnerable, as this is the time they will spend mostly resting. However, during the night, skunks will become a lot faster and more precise in their hunting.

But, what happens if you encounter a skunk during the day? Even though skunks are dominantly nocturnal animals, they can often be found roaming around during the day. This can be for several reasons. First things first, if skunk’s natural habitat is disturbed for any reasons, they will be constantly searching for a new habitat, and they will not be waiting for the night to fall. When they don’t have their shelters, skunks are vulnerable to the attacks of wild animals, which is why they will rush to find a new habitat and get to safety.

Second, skunks can come out outside during the day to hunt, in times when not enough food is available to them. Particularly in winter months, skunks are rarely able to find enough supplies of food to keep them fed. For this reason, they are going to have to hunt and search for other types of foods during the day. Finally, sick or infected skunks can be found during the day as well. Since sick skunks will become disoriented and slow, they may not be able to return to their den. This is the situation that is risky both for the skunk and for the person encountering it, because skunks can transmit infectious diseases to humans.

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