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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - Will a skunk under a shed or porch have a nest of babies?

Will a skunk under a shed or porch have a nest of babies?

A skunk that has been spending so much time without hindrance will eventually attract other animals to the shed. If a pregnant female skunk discovers a shed or porch that is empty, it will probably stay there if there are no human interference. The pregnant skunk, may eventually start a colony under the shed or porch and may even raise its litters there until it is chased away or its babies mature enough to fend for themselves.

One of the ways you can detect whether a skunk is having nest of babies under a shed or porch is when you find debris and other items such as sticks, leaves, tree branches and other items needed to build a conducive nest for skunk babies. You need to take a quick step in preventing the animal from establishing a long term nest , once you notice its activities around places such as sheds and porch.

Unfortunately, you cannot get rid of skunks and its babies when the adult skunk is right inside the den, and the reason being that new skunk mothers or pregnant skunks are some of the most aggressive animals you would like to avoid. When pregnant, a skunk may use its nails , limbs and teeth to attack enemies or intruders who want to get close to its babies. You don’t want to get in contact with a skunk’s saliva or blood because such may transmit deadly diseases that can be characterized by deadly symptoms. For instance, rabies and some bacteria infections caused by bites from skunk has been link with aggravated organ failure, intense fever and sometimes death- of the condition is not treated.

A skunk will have a nest of babies under a shed or porch that is close to a ready source of food, and if the place is large and durable enough to accommodate it and its babies. In most cases, skunks will not create nests close to places where human activities are prominent, and for this reason, it may abandon the nest for another one. Skunks are usually not desperate to create nests, they prefer woodlands, and isolate grasslands where they can forage and return to take care of the babies. If you discover a nest of skunk babies under your shed or porch, it will be better to allow the skunk mother leave the den before you remove the babies and then block the adult skunk from returning to the place.

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