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Do skunks burrow underground?

Skunks normally reside in tree hollows. They will search for the appropriate trees, and saddle their dens in the hollows of the trees. Trees are the natural habitat for skunks. This means that skunks will avoid seedling in any other habitats, with several exception. Even though skunks normally make burrows in tree hollows, they will sometimes reside in the other types of habitat. If there are no tree hollows available for skunks to make their dens, they will choose other types of habitats and burrow their dens there.

Skunks will choose other types of habitats that can ensure them with shelter and protection. They will burrow underground or inhabit holes in the ground. Sometimes, skunks are even going to inhabit human households, burrowing their dens underneath porches, inside household yards or inside the sheds. Even though skunks prefer living inside the trees, if their natural habitats are compromise, they are going to have to adjust to living in other types of habitats. What skunks normally need to be able to survive is shelter and a steady source of water. This means that they will choose habitats near lakes, rivers, ponds or fountains. Sometimes, they are even drawn to water installation set up on lawns.

Skunks will burrow underground if no other shelters are not available to them. Skunk’s natural habitats can become compromised or destroyed for various reasons. Since skunks live in tree hollows, there are many circumstances and distractions that could lure them out. First things first, wildfires destroy a large number of trees very fast. So, in a case of a wildfire, skunks will lose their natural habitat and head to find an alternative one. On the other hand, skunk’s can be chased out of trees due to deforestation. When these types of situations occur, skunks will resort to looking for other types of habitats. One of the ways skunks will find shelter in these situations is burrowing dens underground. If there are no other shelters available, skunks will reside underground until they find a better shelter. They will later use these dens to hide and protect themselves from other animals. They will also bring their young here, and raise them to maturity.

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