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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - Do skunks climb trees or fences?

Do skunks climb trees or fences?

Skunks are normally an animal species that will hide from plain sight. They will inhabit tree hollows and use them to make their dens. Skunks make dense to keep shelter, raise their young and hide from danger. They will come out to hunt or mate. However, due to the fact that skunks are often found in places like well- fenced yards, attics and sheds, many people are interested in knowing whether or not skunks can climb. The answer is that skunks, in fact, can climb, and they do it very well. While residing in their natural habitats, they will often climb and move around trees. Still, skunks are better at burrowing, and they normally reside close to the ground. This means that skunks will resort to climbing only in exceptional circumstances.

Skunks will climb when they need to, and they are capable of doing that very well. Other than climbing trees, skunks are also capable of climbing fences and short walls. Skunks will also use their climbing skills to enter households and invade them. Skunks will often climb fences, entering the yards, after which they will often hunt smaller farm animals during the night. Skunks will also climb trees to skip fences, if they can’t burrow underground to enter the estate. To do this, skunks will climb short fences and use tree branches to enter roofs or yards.

Why it is important to be aware if the fact that skunks can climb? It is widely familiar and documented that skunks can burrow underground, and they can use this method to enter human households, estates and farms. Knowing this, owners frequently think that it is enough to install a fence that reaches deep enough into the ground that skunks can’t burrow beneath them. However, this is not the only protective measure needed to protect your estate against skunks. In order to protect your household against skunks, it is also important to make fences high enough. Although skunks can climb, they can’t reach enough to skip high fences. Also, in order to protect your home from skunks, you should trim any tree branches near your fence or roof, to not make it available to an animal to skip. Other than this, it is also important to keep fences of animal cages, especially farm animal cages and barns, high enough so that skunks can’t climb over them. If you apply these techniques, you will protect your household against skunks effectively.

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