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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - What equipment is needed to trap a skunk?

What equipment is needed to trap a skunk?

The use of an open-cage trap for a skunk may not be the best ideal because the animal may spray its foul smelling odor on your, therefore, it is ideal to use a partially closed trap to capture the animal. A solid-walled spray-proof trap may be the best option in trapping a skunk, but you still need to approach the skunk with some caution to avoid the animal going into an agitated phase. Aside from the cage, you will also need bait, such as marshmallow, fruit or seeds to entice the animal into the cage. You need to know the size of the skunk you are trapping before you choose a trap for the animal- remembers the larger the skunk, the bigger the trap should be.

You don’t have to be surprised when eventually you capture a skunk in a trap and when you decided to release it, the animal feel reluctant to leave, the reason for this is that skunks want to feel safe first before leaving a caged trap. It is believed that the raccoon-size trap should be the best size for a skunk trap. Try as much as possible to trap skunks at night when they have left their dens and the weather is perfect for them. Make sure the trap is not enclosed because the trap may become overheated, thus suffocating the animal.

A manually operated spring should be part of a trap used in capturing skunks. Try as much as possible to cover just an half of the trap and not its entire body. A canvas is key equipment needed to be used with a skunk trap. Simply place the canvass at one and of the trap, so that the animal will not notice as you approach the trap. It I important to note that canvass is important equipment that prevents the skunk from noticing that you are approaching, thus you can avoid being sprayed by the animal. Leave the other end that must be opened, uncovered so that the animal will not suspect any activity.

You need to consider having more information on the type of trap and other equipment that may be needed in loading and offloading the trap to ensure that the animal is not injured and can be relocated safely. Traps with too many hooks are unsafe for both the user and the animal , thus they must be avoided at all cost.

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