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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - Should I feed a baby skunk I found?

Should I feed a baby skunk I found?

Helping baby skunk once it is confirmed that the animal has been orphaned is always a good approach and it’s a good deed as well because the baby really needs your help and support. However, you need to be careful because dealing with wildlife is not always as much simple as it appears and you simply can’t treat baby skunks as pets so be careful in your approach. You need to ensure first of all that the baby has actually been orphaned because many times mother comes back as it has been away for arranging food. However, when you find a single baby skunk wondering alone then you should consider helping the creature.

The big question in this regard is that should I feed a baby skunk I found? In this section we will focus upon this issue so that our readers can get a better understanding of the matter. Chances are very high that orphans that have been without their mothers for extended period of time suffer from dehydration and chill. Therefore, you should provide them warmth first of all and after that arrange for a proper rehydrating solution. In drug stores a rehydrating solution is available and it comes with the name Pedialyte. You should heat it to body temperature and offer this to the animal after every two hours for a number of initial feedings. Esbalic Powder mix is the feeding option, but it is better to consult the expert before giving it to the baby. Please note that products such as the milk of cow, human baby food products etc. are not termed as suitable for the baby skunks so you should avoid giving these formulas to the animal.

For feeding the baby skunk you should better use a 1cc or 5 cc syringe and be careful that skunk will suck quickly so overdose should be avoided as it can further create problems. After feeding turn the baby skunk upside down in a gentle fashion and rub the back and gently clean the excess of formula from the region of nose of the animal. However, we suggest that in all situations the best idea is to call professionals for dealing with the feeding and other related issues. You should never take risks because baby skunks are delicate and your one mistake can lead to the death of the animal. It is best to call local animal control for help.

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