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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - What should I do if I find an orphaned baby skunk?

What should I do if I find an orphaned baby skunk?

Skunks are not friendly animals so you will never want to have these creatures as pets at home. However, the situation is different when you find a baby skunk which needs help the situation can be ignored any longer and right strategy in these conditions is to help the baby who has been left alone and needs support and assistance. Different reasons can be present behind orphaned baby skunks but some of the most prominent one are being mentioned below
  • Mother was killed in a road accident and is no more. These kinds of incidents where skunks get hit by a car are never left hidden and generally people of the surrounding region are well aware of this.
  • The mother skunk may be killed or relocated by the property owners on purpose and nest was discovered once the animal was removed.
In all cases when you see a baby skunk without its mother, then it is a matter of great concern because mothers don’t leave their kids unless they are capable of taking care of their selves. Mother skunks normally don’t go very far away from the babies. In case you see baby skunks without their mother with open eyes and fully capable of walking, playing and digging, then don’t go near them and observe their activity from distance mother can surface after sometime.

It is highly unusual for babies to be out during day time without mother, but if babies come out after dark, then observe the activity for an hour and only go near the animal once it is ensured that mother is not present and baby skunks are wandering on their own. Slowly move towards babies and approach them in a slow manner on noticing your entry the babies can move into a hole or any other hiding place. You will have to sit down at a distance from the den site and wait for the babies to come out. Once the babies get closer to you place a basket or box over them. This will make sure that now babies are safe under your protection. After this there is no need to feed the babies in fact you should call the animal control and inform them about your finding.

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In case you don’t have any other choice and have to handle the babies on your own, then do so only after taking safety measures because one should never take any kind of risk.

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