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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - Do skunks swim?

Do skunks swim?

Despite the fact that the skunk’s natural habitat is tree hollows, skunks can also survive in many other habitats. At times when their natural dens are disturbed, skunks can find their way to reach many other territories, and they will go as far as burrowing underground. Also, skunks will cross great distances from their natural habitat when they are mating and hunting, or if they running away from a natural disaster. One way or another, they will need their walking or climbing skills. However, many wonder if skunks can also swim, in addition to being able to climb? Many find themselves stunned when they find skunks far away from their natural habitats, but conclude that the only way that a skunk could get would be swimming.

Skunks have to change habitats or cross great distances for many reasons. Some of the reasons why skunks might need to get across water surfaces are natural catastrophes, maintain or hunting. Natural catastrophes, such as fires and floods, will most surely chase a skunk away from its den. If there are no other trees available nearby, a skunk is going to have to start searching for shelter in trees that are a bit more far away from its initial habitat. Also, when skunks are hunting, and particularly during rough winter months when there is not enough food to hunt near their den, they will be searching other territories for prey. When they are mating, skunks also tend to go further away from their territory in search for females. These are the situations when, even though it might not be his most favorite activity, a skunk is going to have swim and cross water surfaces to get from one place to another. But, how can a skunk swim, and is it a good swimmer?

As most mammals, a skunk can also swim. This is one of the skills skunks are born with. If necessary, they will resort to going into the water and swimming to reach another. The reason could be migrating, and a skunk's might also be looking for more food, or even a mate. However, just as climbing isn’t as much of a talent for skunks as some of their other skills, neither is swimming. Skunks lack the swimming capacities of a dog or a bear for example, but they swim good enough to cross water surfaces when they need to.

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