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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - How to get skunks out from under a shed or porch

How to get skunks out from under a shed or porch

It is better to prevent skunks from getting under a shed or porch than getting rid of them, and the reason is because of the stress involved in doing so. In order to get skunks from under a shed or porch, you must identify their entry and exit points, then you can determine how you will prevent the problem in the future. Skunks will normally get under your shed or porch when they see the slightest opportunity, most especially when there is a structural defect such as a crack, breakage or weak structure. When skunks are not removed from sheds and porch on time, they eventually create a nest for themselves and then mess up the entire area with their droppings, urine, and fur and food leftovers.

In order to get rid of skunks under your shed or porch, you need to be careful and be sure whether the animal is healthy or sick. When a skunk is sick, it may go astray and will find shelter wherever it can (including the deck and porch. A sick skunk may also become aggressive; therefore you must not make attempt to come in contact with the animal. You need to make use of hand-held tools such as a stick and a shield, to drag the animal out of the shed or porch. A healthy skunk will respond immediately by running way on sighting you, however, a sick skunk is too weak to make a move.

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There are several ways you can use to get skunks out of a porch or shed, you can entice the animal with a food, but don’t make it suspicious, and otherwise the animal will not come out. A bait such as fruits can entice the skunk out of the shed, and you can hide somewhere at the top and throw a trap net over the animal. As the animal struggles, you should have closed the net strong enough to prevent any contact, thus it becomes easier to relocate the animal. Make sure a skunk does not bite you, in order to avoid any form of disease such as rabies.

Another way through which you can get a skunk from under a shed or porch is to set a trap for the animal, especially if it is an active one. Once the animal gets out of the porch or deck, simply load the trap and its spring and make sure it is hidden from the view of the animal.

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