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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - How to get skunks out of window well

How to get skunks out of window well

A skunk may suddenly take up residence at the basement of your window, and that can be extremely a difficult situation to handle. In some cases, some skunks can be smart enough to find their way out of the well, especially when they are frightened; however some have ended up injuring themselves. You need to avoid allowing the animal injures itself, and at the same time, you need to avoid the skunk spraying you with its offensive fluid that can be quite irritating.

One of the best possible way to get skunks out of window well is to place a wooden board below the window well, then that will give the animal some confidence to climb out into safety. Window well is a steep-pit area that may cause severe injuries to a skunk, but throwing a cardboard box there will give the animal a sufficient surface to rely on and get out of the window well.

The weak eyesight of skunks may force them to stumble on window wells, likewise, they become trapped in the well because they have little climbing skills, though they can burrow. Providing a means of escape is the only way you can get skunks out of window wells. You can place a rough board , especially a board that cleats , toweling or chicken wire around it- these materials or components can provide a skunk with some traction over the slippery window well. The traction should be long enough to create a ramp while the board should be set at angle 45 to create the best escape route.

Try as much as possible to stay away from the sight of the skunk while getting it out of the window well. If you allow a skunk to see you while rescuing it, it may become agitated. Another way to rescue a skunk from a window well is to use a long pole where a board can be tied to its end, then lower the pole by holding the opposing ends of the pole, until the skunk is able to realize the presence of the board and find its way out. Try as much as possible to keep people and pets away from the window well while the skunk is being rescued. Try as much as possible to install some window covers over the window wells to ensure that the situation does not occur once again.

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