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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - How do you know if you have a skunk under your shed or porch?

How do you know if you have a skunk under your shed or porch?

There are some signs that will reveal whether a skunk has been active under your shed or porch for a while. In most cases, skunks can gain access to sheds or porch when there is an opportunity for them from an external area. The animals may hibernate shortly at these places. When they don’t notice any human activity. Skunks can also move under the shed when they find food close to the place and they believe that they will eventually find food there constantly.

One of the signs that indicate that a skunk is under your shed is the odor. One of the characteristic features of skunks is the smell they create anytime they are around. A skunk’s smell can be detected several meters away from their position, and such smell is characterized by a pungent and highly irritating effect that will force you to get rid of the animal immediately.

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Secondly, Skunks are known to carry some debris and items such as sticks, woods, fruits and other materials they feast on or want to use to create shelter for themselves or litters. When you notice these items under your porch or shed, then it is time to search for the animal at all cost and get rid of it.

Skunks may also cause structural damages to some components of sheds and porch. Skunks are known to enlarge small holes, especially when they find it difficult to squeeze their bodies through. Aside the enlargement of holes, skunks may eventually break down weak structures such as shed and porch doors, thus contributing to the amount spent on renovating and repairing such components. Skunks can burrow into the ground, and they can do this when the floor of your deck or porch is directly located on the ground.

The fecal and urine materials left by skunks can increase the intensity of the odor emanating from your deck or porch. Skunks do defecate in large amounts and their fecal droppings are quite larger than those of other animals. The smell of skunk’s feces means you need to spend a lot of time to remove the animal and its remains , and then disinfect the entire deck or porch and then make sure you make all structural changes that can prevent the animal from returning- better still you can set a trap close to the most active place for skunks.

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