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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - How to keep opossums away from your property

How to keep opossums away from your property

If you have opossums hanging around your house and yard, chances are something there attracted them. Opossums are omnivores, and will eat most anything. Insects, bugs, carrion, small mammals, eggs, small invertebrates, baby birds, fruits, vegetables, garbage, seeds, pet food , and other animal feed are on their diet. Police your yard! Put garbage in cans with tight fitting lids, pick up unattended pet food, and pick up any ripe fruit and veggies from you r garden. Do not make bird and squirrel feeders easily accessible.

Do not make your place inviting to opossums! Dispose of any brush piles, stacks of lumber, high growth, boxes etc. Be sure to keep the door to your barn, woodshed, garage, boathouse, etc. shut tight. Repair any gaps or holes in doors and siding. Catch it in a live trap or exclusion funnel trap and have an animal removal service take it away. For bait, use something smelly, like canned cat food, apples, or fish. If you want to keep the opossum around, but run it away from your home, you can try home remedies like ammonia and mothballs. Opossums eat tons of bugs and ticks, are immune to most snake venom, and not susceptible to rabies, so having them around are not a bad thing.

They just need to be controlled. Watch the outside of your house at night to see if you catch an opossum leaving. While they are out, try lighting up the attic or under the porch where they are living. As they are nocturnal, they will not like the light. You can also try using a radio turned up loud. If you have found the possums entry holes, get them blocked soon after the possum leaves for the evening. Make sure no babies, or “joeys” are being abandoned. And the place is made as unpleasant as possible for their return. Look closely for any branches that opossums might use to get to your house. Follow these tips and you should be able to remain opossum free!

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