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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - Where do opossums live?

Where do opossums live?

Opossums inhabit predominantly Australia and North America. These little marsupials are found across the continents, in a very large number. This animal migrated across continents throughout 1900’s. Thanks to the abundance of wildlife and food, as well as the lack of natural predators, possums became widely populated in the US, up to the point where, in the modern days, trapped possums are not allowed to be released back into the wild if they are trapped. Possums are nocturnal marsupials, and are currently the only marsupial animal species living in the US. they are also a species that doesn’t hibernate during the winter, and since they are nocturnal, they are mostly active during the night. During the night, these animals will mostly come out of their shelter to feed, although it is not uncommon for them to be active during the day.

Given the fact that opossums are omnivores, they can manage t survive in various types of environments. Their natural habitats are tall trees. Possums will climb tall tree branches, and carry around their young. Their natural habitats include forests with a lot of greenery and tall trees, as well as the permanent sources of cleaning water, like rivers. Given the fact that possums can feed on various types of foods, they can survive in both wild and urban areas.

Wild areas offer safety and shelter to possums, including the variety of foods. Possums can eat fish from the rivers, as well as fruits and vegetables they pick from the ground. However, due to deforestation, water pollution and wildfires, these animals may, sometimes, seek shelter in urban areas as well.

Urban and rural areas, like cities and farms, offer plenty of shelter and food for possums. Possums can eat all sorts of foods, including food they pick from the trash cans, fruits and vegetables from the gardens and pet food. Thanks to the abundance of food that human households provide, possums are likely to inhabit homes and farms. In general, possums prefer wild areas to live in. however, in some cases, like if they are suddenly left without their natural habitat due to fires or deforestation, they will seek refuge in the urban areas.

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