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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - Where should I relocate a trapped possum?

Where should I relocate a trapped possum?

Most people consider relocating trapped opossums as an attempt to allow the animal to live, instead of having to kill it. Relocating opossums means releasing them safely into their natural environment as far from your home as possible. Relocating an animal begins with trapping it. You are going to have to trap the animal first, which your will to by placing traps carefully in those spots you determine are the animal’s route. Next thing for you to do would be to choose a proper bait, that the possum wouldn’t be able to resist. Finally, once you've trapped a possum, it’s time for you to think about a proper way of removing it.

You can choose to either kill the opossum or to relocate it. But, what is the right way to relocate the opossum, that is safe both for your and the animal? If your decision is to relocate the animal, there are few issues you should pay attention to. First things first, your need to pay attention to handle the animal safely while you are removing it. Make sure to wear gloves, and not touch the animal with your bare hands. A possum could spread multiple infectious diseases by scratching or biting, not to mention how painful it would be.

Second, your need to make sure that your relocate the animal during the night. Possums are nocturnal animals, which means that they are not going to be in their best shape during the day. If your release it during the day, it will have harder time finding shelter. If your, however, release the animal during the night, it is not going to have a problem climbing a tree and sheltering itself against predators.

Finally, your need to make sure that your remove the animal in a remote area that offers it plenty of places to find shelter. If your intention is to allow the animal to live, you should release it in the area in which it will be able to find shelter easily. For example, if your release it alongside the road or an abandoned lot, it will be far from its natural habitat and it will be at risk of getting killed by other animals or run over by a car. Also, make sure that your release the animal far away from other homes.

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