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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - What are some of the symptoms of a sick opossum?

What are some of the symptoms of a sick opossum?

How can you tell whether a possum is healthy, or not? A normal, healthy opossum can be recognized by its normal bodily functions, healthy looking fur and teeth. However, there are some signs that a possum is sick, which you should consider to be alarming. Even though the healthy appearance in the opossum is not a sure sign that the animal is completely healthy, there are some exterior signs that can point out to certain illnesses. If your notice any of these signs in the opossum, you should avoid getting into direct contact with it, and try to call animal services, if there are any available in your area.

Some changes in the appearance of the opossum’s skin and fur may indicate that it carries infectious diseases. Amongst these symptoms are changes in the color of the skin, like discoloration, spots or sores. Any ulcer or tumor-like changes on the skin can also indicate that the animal is ill. Losing its fur, or patching in the animal’s fur, can indicate that the animal is ill, as well balding. These symptoms can indicate that the animal is suffering from some kind of bacteria or fungal disease. If your notice any of these symptoms, make sure to implement some measures of prevention, like keeping your pets indoors or shutting your pet entry door temporarily, until the animal is removed.

There are, also, some signs that are noticeable in the behavior of the animal that can indicate that it’s not healthy. If the animal is acting too lethargic, or too fussy, which is not typical healthy-opossum behavior, it can be a sign that it is suffering from some form of an illness. In any case, sick possums are dangerous to be around. Possums can spread disease through their bites, scratches and feces. If your suspect that a sick possum is somewhere near your estate, it is recommended that you to a thorough cleaning and disinfection of the area. Sick possums can infect your pets or farm animals with infectious diseases. Also, you and your family might be at risk of contracting illness if your get in contact with the animal feces. Last, but not the least, corpse of the dead possum can also spread dangerous bacteria and fungus. For this reason, any dead possums found in the inhabited area should be safely removed.

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