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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - How do you know if you have an opossum under your shed or porch?

How do you know if you have an opossum under your shed or porch?

Opossums are nomadic scavengers that live everywhere. They are always ready to move into any suitable shelters that offer plentiful food and water. If you hear a distinctive high pitched squeaking sound much like that of baby birds coming from under your porch or shed a opossums might have decided it is a secure location to raise their young, close to ample food and water. If you think, you have an opossum under your porch look for large piles of cat-sized droppings, and a putrid smell. Visual confirmation is always the best way to be sure what your visitor is. Watch for it leaving its home at dark to go out and forage for food. A definite lack of any nest is a sign that it is a opossum.

Because they are marsupials, they do not build nests. They simply move in to abandoned area they find comfortable. You can set a live trap and see what you catch. If it is an opossum, you will find clearing them out is not so hard unless they have young. Opossums under your shed will annoy you with their noise, and the smell secreted as a natural defense as well as the odor from their body waste. If the mother opossum has a nest with babies under your porch or shed, it will be hard to relocate them without the help of a professional. Most suggestions for DIY opossum removal involve making their living space uncomfortable.

It is claimed that this can be done with lights, noise, commercial repellents, and home remedies like ammonia and mothballs. Removing easy sources of food and water, keeping bugs down to a minimum, and eliminating trash can make the opossum leave with little fuss. Once you are sure it is cleared, wrap your porch in hardware cloth, and use batten board or siding around your shed. Keep a close watch around your home for signs of digging, droppings, or a break in your fencing/ siding that could indicate that the opossum has returned.

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