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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - Will the city or county animal services help me with an Opossum issue?

Will the city or county animal services help me with an Opossum issue?

The issue of getting rid of Opossums can be complex, and while everyone may rely on the city, or council animal care service providers, these agencies often fail to come to their rescue. While some people are lucky to have had city or county animal services help them evacuate opossums, they may be charged extra for doing such. Unless the opossum issue has become an epidemic, most city or county animal care services may not respond to a report. If you don’t have some financial means to hire a private professional animal service staff, then you may have to find means of removing an opossum by yourself.

In most cases, a city or county animal service provider will normally provide information on how to safeguard your home from opossums and any other animal for that matter. For this reason, you are expected to make structural changes that will limit or outrightly opossums from invading your property. The city or county animal control service, will normally provide information on its website, on ways through which animal invasions can be avoided. The agencies also provide information on where to get animal control devices such as traps, poisons and exclusion devices.

If you are faced with the removal of Opossums, it is ideal to get in touch with a pro from a private agency. Alternatively, you need to study the situation first and see if you can get rid of the animal without injuring or killing it. If the Opossum is sick, you don’t have a choice but to call a private animal rehabilitator, and the reason being that a sick Opossum is dangerous to your health and the health of everyone else in your household, including your pets. Make sure the animal does not gain access into your house and it must not have any contact with anybody.

For a stray animal inside your yard, deck, patio or garden, you don’t have to panic as such animal is either searching for food or for companionship, therefore it shouldn’t be aggressive. You need to wear some glove, protective clothing which is thick enough to withstand bites, and then get a cardboard box where you can transfer the animal safely, before transferring it several kilometers from your area. It is important to relocate an uninjured opossum , to ensure that it doesn’t die and cause environmental problems elsewhere.

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