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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - How to keep Opossums out of my garden

How to keep Opossums out of my garden

Gardens and yards can become primary targets for opossums searching for food and temporary shelter. Opossums are normally attracted to gardens and yards where they can find food, however, they find it difficult to approach when the garden is clean and well-maintained. For this reason, the first step you must take to keep Opossums away from your garden is to maintain your garden, and keep it clean. Make structural changes to your garden’s landscape, by including plants that irritate Opossums, and make sure the grasses are very low( too low for Opossums to hide).

Secondly, you need to include exclusion methods to get keep Opossums from your garden. Exclusion fences with electric wires, can help get rid of the animals. Make sure that the exclusion fences cover the entire garden area and must also extend up to 3 or 4 feet below the foundation to ensure that Opossums do not dig through. Exclusion fences can be made of stainless steel wires, hardwood or concrete. Make sure you avoid using soft wood because it can be eaten and broken down by the animal.

Setting traps can also help get rid of Opossums from the garden. Traps must be carefully placed, and covered with debris, to ensure that the animal does not suspect it. Make sure non-lethal traps are used in capturing Opossums, to ensure that they don’t get injured and die from injuries. Once capture, you need to contact animal rehabilitators, as a captured opossum may become aggressive in its bid to run away.

Do not provide food for opossums intentionally, doing contrary means the animal will keep returning. When you feed opossums intentionally, the animal will lose its fear for humans, thus they may become more aggressive when you don’t feed them. Opossums will eventually eat from your pet’s feeding container, if you don’t feed it. Make sure your pets are fed indoors, likewise, you must ensure that the lids and handles of your garbage can is perfectly secured. If you feed pets outdoors, make sure the food is secured inside a compost container. Make sure you clean your outdoor barbecue grills after using them as opossums can smell such devices from long distances.

All fruits that fell from trees around your garden must be removed immediately, as opossums can stay close to your garden for such foods. Try as much as possible to trim tree branches constantly when they are overgrown.

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