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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - Should I hire a Pro or remove Opossums myself?

Should I hire a Pro or remove Opossums myself?

Sometimes, handling an Opossum may become a complicated issue, however, there are different cases under which you must call a pro to help you remove Opossums or do it yourself. Generally, Opossums are not aggressive, however, certain conditions can force them to become aggressive. If an Opossum is sick, or lost its parents or hungry and thirsty, then it may become aggressive with humans and pets. Here are some cases whereby you can remove an opossum by yourself;

- When the Opossum is small and wandering around because it has lost its parents ,
- When the Opossum seem to be running from a predator, and
- When an opossum seem to be trapped in your garbage bin, yard, deck or any other place in your property.

In these three situations, you can remove Opossums by yourself, provided, you don’t use your bare hands to do so. You need to protect yourself when removing opossums from your yard, deck, and garbage bins for instance, and the reason being that , a trapped Opossum is more dangerous than a free Opossum, thus, the animal may bite you . If the animal is trapped in the garbage bin for instance, you may have to over-turn the bin an empty all its content just to free the animal. Alternatively, you can use two sticks to grab the body of the animal and gently place it in a collection box, where it can be collected and relocated safely.

In a situation whereby an Opossum is sick and in need of urgent help, then you need to call a pro , especially from the animal rehabilitation agency or organization, to evacuate the animal immediately. a sick opossum is capable of spreading diseases when you or your pet comes in contact with its blood, saliva and even skin, therefore it is important that you protect yourself and make sure all doors, and windows are locked and all openings are sealed off, to ensure that the animal does not come inside of your home.

Do not make any attempt to feed a hungry or sick Opossum, a pro understand the kind of food formula to feed the animal and stabilize its condition until it receives a medical attention. In most cases, a stray Opossum , looking for care and attention will generally be treated by a pro and then re-integrated into a new society where the animal can survive.

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