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How to get opossums out from inside a wall

An opossum infestation can be a serious problem. Often opossums get in your attic, and have babies. Then the young start moving around and wall down your wall. Now they are stuck, and mom cannot get them out. She might even get stuck trying. First make that your problem is indeed opossums. Visual confirmation is always best, but another sign will be scratching and squeaking throughout the day at different intervals. Opossums are nocturnal so they are most active leave at night. If you do have a problem with opossums and think they are stuck in your walls, getting rid of them is not simple. Not only is it difficult to get them out, opossums could be trapped inside walls and die there.

First, you have to find them. Follow the sound then Start by inspecting your walls for cracks that could allow entry. These can visible inside, or outside, or from your attic. Your air vents or chimney can also allow for access. You can identify the entryways by piles of marble sized fecal matter. Rodent leave hard, dark, rice shaped pellets. Once you have positively identified their opossum holes, watch for activity. If you hear sounds of Opossums in the walls, but no signs of them leaving, they could be stuck. If you can access “between” the walls, using a hook or loop is one way to remove them.

You might ha to cut out a section of wall to get to them. If you do see the mother leave to feed, check for babies while she is out. If you can confirm that no joeys (their babies) have been left behind, you are ready to seal the area. You should you spray the area with an opossum repellent. There are some available commercially. Many say a repugnant odder like mothballs or ammonia will work. There are a number of varieties on the market today. Now you should completely seal all openings that you find whether the show signs of use by opossums. Once they realize cannot return, they will find another place to call home. To avoid future infestations, inspect and maintain the exterior of your home. If opossums are common where you live, stay vigilant.

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