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Will a pest control company remove Opossum?

When it comes to handling Opossums, it is important to have adequate knowledge of handling the animal, as pest control companies will rather handle insects , such as bees, , and flies. In order to get rid of Opossums, it will be more important to understand the way an opossum enters your property before searching for how to remove it. In most cases, opossums will wander about until they spot or smell food. Opossums may also spend time where they notice other animal activities , especially if you feed your pet outdoor. Opossums may dig through heaps or piles of garbage in search of food, and may also enter the holes already created by other animals.

Opossums are active at any time of the day, but they can mostly be spotted during the day. Though government owned animal control agencies may respond to the retrieval of Opossums, they mostly go after pests such as insects. If you want to get rid of the easiest way, You may have to solicit the help of a friend who understands how to handle animals such as Opossums, secondly, you need to be prepared for it. Opossums are not aggressive, but sickness and hunger can make them more aggressive.

If an opossum gets hooked to a trap within your property, you need to first of all ensure that the animal is not injured. If it is a hinged door trap, then you may have to relocate both the animal and the trap, away from your property. If the animal is entangled in a spring trap, then you may have to get a cardboard box and carefully set it in the mouth of the trap while you offload the spring on the trap. Make sure the animal does not escape without you capturing it , if you allow it to escape, it may get too difficult to re-capture it.

It is always important to set traps or use exclusion methods to get rid of Opossums within your property, doing such will ensure that the animal don’t get to hide and establish colonies within your property as this may result in a serious problem later on. Opossum problems are better prevented than handled. Unfortunately most pest control agencies are only trained to handle insects, birds and smaller animals. Making structural changes to your home can also help you avoid the need to contact pest control agencies .

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