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How to Get Rid of Moles

How To Get Rid Of Moles - If you have a yard or garden that has a lovely flat green lawn, there are few pest animals that can be as easy to identify as a mole, as the indentations caused by the tunnels dug by the mole can be easily spotted on a lawn, while the appearance of small piles of dirt where the mole has come to the surface are also obvious. In terms of getting rid of the animals, because moles so rarely come to the surface, they are actually quite a difficult species to trap, and many of the normal methods used for dealing with pest animals don't work with moles. Although moles don't actually eat plants, they can cause damage to the plants to be found in a garden, so it is best to look for ways to get rid of the moles where possible.

Signs You Have A Mole Problem

The most common mistake that people will make when they are looking at damage in the garden is to find plants where the root has been gnawed, and as moles don't eat plants in this way, gophers that do this are often mistaken for moles. Moles can usually be identified through their molehills, which are cones of soil which are generally uniform, as moles will almost always approach the surface vertically, as opposed to gophers that tend to make much more unusually shaped piles of dirt. Another sign that the problem animal that is located beneath your lawn is a mole can be seen by the signs of tunnels in the area, which will show as a raised line of soil mixed with the grass. Being able to identify the animals can really help you to choose a method to deal with the problem.

Lethal Traps For Killing Moles

The most common type of lethal trap that is used to get rid of mole is the 'scissor' trap, and as the name suggests this type of trap works by being pushed beneath the surface into a mole tunnel, and when the mole triggers the trap, the blades kill the animal with the scissor motion. In some cases it is worth setting multiple traps, as most areas will have between three and seven active moles in the area at any one time.

Another type of lethal trap that can be used to deal with moles is the tube trap, and this tube is then placed into an active mole tunnel, and when the mole enters the tube it triggers the trap, causing a noose to tighten around the mole to kill it. A choker trap is similar to the tube trap, but as it doesn't have the tube, placing the noose correctly for the trap to trigger can be a little more challenging. All of these traps can kill the mole, which is usually considered to be the most effective way to deal with the problem.

Mole Repellent

Like many other pest animals, there is a range of products available for those who are looking for a repellent. One of the most common types of repellent is the audio repellent, but as moles are underground animals, these devices have been adjusted to fit in a spike to try and drive the animals away. There are also chemical products that can be inserted into the ground that are said to drive the moles away. The reality with mole repellents is that there is very little evidence to suggest that this will be successful, so it is best to look at other options as opposed to trying to use this kind of product.

Poisoning Moles

The biggest problem that most people who want to deal with a mole problem by using poison will encounter is that the type of poisons that can be used are very limited. Moles only eat insects and worms, so using any kind of normal bait will not be consumed by the moles, so the only really successful option is to use a gas based poison. Talunex is such a poison that is strictly restricted and can only be used by trained operators, and is a pellet that becomes gas on contact with the moist soil, and then poisons the animals within a tunnel system.

Can You Trap Moles In A Cage?

Moles are a species that seem particularly difficult to deal with when they are causing a problem, and while repellents don't work, and poison is very difficult to use, cage traps are also generally ineffective when it comes to dealing with the moles. In theory it would be possible to dig a hole within the tunnel of a mole, and then place a cage trap in it, but it would be very unlikely to be successful, as the soil could prevent the trigger from working, or the mole would simply turn around when encountered with this strange device within its tunnel.

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