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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - What attracts rats?

What attracts rats?

Rats are rodents that are in constant search for food. Despite the fact that they can survive on less than 1 oz of food and liquid a day, they will be more than happy to forage through garbage cans and dumpsters around human homes, restaurants and businesses in search for food source. This why it is safe to say that they are primarily attracted to available food source-and they will remember where they have found such food source, so they will return there for as long as food is available. This is why it is important to close food into firmly closed containers. This will prevent smell of food to attract rats and food will also not be easily accessible.

Rats love food that is rich in carbs and sugars, because they instinctively know that this food will provide high amount of energy that will keep them energetic for quite some time. This means that it is important to safely store cereals, sweets, cakes, potatoes, rice, bread and meat. Remains of these foods should be stored in a bag and firmly closed before being thrown away in the garbage-so that the smell doesn't attract the rats to your garbage.

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When rats smell attractive food from garbage or somewhere in your storage, they will do what is necessary to get to it. They have strong teeth and claws, and can also get through holes that are significantly smaller then their body, which means that they will chew their way through doors or walls, fitting themselves through smallest openings to get to the food source. They will smartly find their way through vents, opened windows or grate. It has been seen more than once that they will get through sewers and up the toilet to get inside your home to search for food.

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Rats are omnivorous which means they will eat anything and everything and with their sensitive sense of smell, they will quickly find food source if you leave them just the slightest hint.

Don't put fish, cooked food or meat when preparing compost. For one, these are of no good for the compost and even more important, these will attract rats to feast on-and to live there as well.

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