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An analysis of inhumane glue traps for rats

There are a number of different types of traps available to rid your home of rodents. if you decide that you want to kill the rats that have invaded your space, choose a trap like a snap trap or electric trap that has a greater possibility of instantly dispatching the rat, rather than one that causes extreme suffering and pain. Glue traps are sold everywhere as hailed by their manufacturers as a quick and effective means of getting rid of rats. Nothing could be further from the truth. The manufacturers also suggest that once you trap the animal, you can just toss it in the trash…alive.

In fact, Glue traps are a way to torture creatures to death. The rat that invades your home is not acting out of malice or hate, but simply looking for food, water, and safe shelter. Glue traps are sheets of paper coated in a permanent industrial strength adhesive that immobilizes the rat (and any other unfortunate creature that touches it) by gluing to to the paper. The trapped animals suffer horribly for days until they die from starvation and exposure, or worse. These “traps” can rip off patches of skin, and fur from trapped animals as they fight to escape their fate. Some animals are so terrified they will chew off bodily parts in an attempt to get free. Animals who get their faces stuck in the glue will slowly suffocate over a period of hours.

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If you use these in or around your home and your family pet or unlucky bird happens to touch one, they can suffer the same fate. There are a large number of cats and dogs rushed to the vets each year because the stumbled upon an ill placed glue trap and now the eyes or mouth or delicate paws are stuck. PETA has campaigned against these inhumane traps for years. If you do not care about the animals, consider this- the CDC (Center for Disease Control) lists these traps as a disease risk to humans because frightened animals void themselves on the glue, which is in turn exposed to people. Rats can carry a number of diseases that is spread by their feces including salmonella, typhoid, and histoplasmosis.

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