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Do rats make good pets?

There are quite a number of misconceptions about raising rats as pets. Most people will rather want to keep rats away from homes, than raise them as companions like other animals such as cats and dogs. If you are one of those who hate rats for many reasons, especially their vulnerability to bacterial and viral infections and diseases, then you may want to re-consider such thoughts as rats have been found to be good pets for many reasons;

-Rats groom themselves thus they can be clean when they live in isolation.
-Rats are quite easy to care for.
-Rats are very smart.
-Rats do possess personality.
-Rats are affectionate.

You may want to consider rats as good pets because of their abilities to groom themselves. Rats do not develop hairballs and do not run around spreading rabies like some other animals. Domesticated rats can make good pets because they live within a confined area and are not like street rats that defecate everywhere they go. Rats are quite easy to care for because they do not stink when domesticated. As long as you can scoop off their old bedding items and replace such with new beddings and then wipe the sides of their cages with some damp clothes. Make sure you take the rat out each time you want to clean its space.

Rats are quite intelligent and they know how to get whatever they want. The intelligence level of rats means they can be trained to obey orders, just like cats and dogs, they know how to respond when you call them by ringing the bell. Rats can run through mazes or jump from one compartment to the other, and they can quickly get used to their owners when they are fed continuously. Rats can become laidback and sometimes restless, therefore they have different personalities for different situations. Rats are affectionate and can quickly learn to trust you when you care about them. Just like any other animal, rats need some nurturing and tender care, therefore you need to provide them such things in abundance in order to get them to obey you.

Rats that are unkempt and live in colonies usually do not make good pets, however, domesticate rats that live in clean and coordinated environments will surely make good pets.

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