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What should I do with an opossum after I catch it?

Catching an opossum was probably a demanding and hard job for you to do. But, once you've trapped the animal, your work doesn’t end there. You are still left with removing the animal, and you might be confused over the right way to it. After all, opossums look friendly and kind and doing the right thing might be hard for you. It might even be harder if the animal is in the state of sleeping once your find it. This might make it a lot more difficult for those who are sensitive to animals. Here are some helpful tips for you to remove the opossum from your home effectively.

In general, you have several options for removing the opossum from your home. You can either remove the animal from your home by relocating it, or you can kill the animal on the spot. The right solution for your will depend on your living environment, and current standing laws, as well as your personal preferences. If you decide to relocate the animal, you are going to have to do it during the night. Because opossums are nocturnal animals, they are going to have trouble finding the shelter if you relocate them during the day. This would leave the animal vulnerable to being attacked and killed by other animals, as well as to being exposed to excessive sunlight and dehydration. Also, make sure to release the animal as far from your home as possible. Choose an environment with plenty of trees and bushes for the animal to hide in, and make sure that it is as far from your home as possible. The reason for that is simple- you don’t want it to come back. Also, make sure not to release the animal in any type of populated area, so it wouldn’t infest another person’s home.

Another option for you is to kill the animal. In fact, depending on the area your live in, you might be obligated to do it by law. If you have decided to kill an opossum, the best way for you to do it is to shoot it directly into the head, using a fire weapon. Because this might be hard for some people to do, they are going to consider poisoning the animal. You should never attempt to poison an opossum, because most poisons are going to inflict pain and suffering to the animal, without actually killing it.

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