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Will a bat house prevent bats in your home?

Bat houses are a nice way to enrich the exterior of your home and front yard, and do a favor to bats and ecosystem at the same time. Both, bat-lovers and homeowners looking to protect their home from bat infestation, are looking for the right ways to design and install a bat house that will be comfortable and appealing to these tender mammals. Those who simply love bats and look forward to have them living on their estate are putting great efforts into finding the perfect design for a bat house that will fit the animal’s needs, so that the colony would find it appealing to roost in it. There are also those who are looking to use the bat houses to keep the bats away from their home. The question is, will this method be effective?

Sadly, most people fail in their attempt to keep bats within their own house so that they wouldn’t roost in their home. The reasons for that are numerous, but the most obvious one is that creating, purchasing and maintaining an adequate bat house is a lot harder than it seems. It requires someone to know the nature, habits and needs of bat very well, like a bat lover or an enthusiast. A lot of bat houses that are sold in stores or online are not well-designed and adjusted to the needs of bats, and those that are, are hard to spot and recognize unless a person is a bat enthusiast. Even if you manage to build or purchase a good quality house, proper placement is a difficult task. Bats need a house that is warm, but not hot. This means that it needs to be located in a place that has at least 7 hours of early morning alight. Bats like quiet places, so the house will need to be away from traffic. Bats don’t like to be disturbed, so the house will need to be in a remote part of the estate. Also, bats need a permanent source of water and house of proper height, with a landing plate of adequate size installed. When we consider all of these together, it becomes clear that finding a proper placement for a bat house is a difficult task. In most cases, bat houses fail to deter bats from entering homes.

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