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Will a bat in the attic have a nest of babies?

If you find bats in your attic or building, they are most likely female. Female bats form cloisters or nursing colonies in the late spring and come into your home to have a place to have their babies. Each female bat has only one to three pups at a time depending on the type of bat. On average, the pups are unable to fly for several months, and are not weaned till they are 6 months and so require constant care. During that time, the pups are left in the roost while the mothers go out and get food.

The dates for bats to give birth vary slightly, according to climate, but are normally between mid-aprils to early June. By the end of august, all of the pups born in the spring should be able to fly, and leave the roost at night with the others you should never remove bats during the maternity season. Most importantly it is illegal to do so without a special permit in most places. Bats are a protected because of the benefits they provide by eating insects and other pests. Another reason is that the babies are unable to feed themselves until they can fly. If you take away the mothers then the babies are going to starve to death. This is not only extremely cruel; it leaves you with dead bats in your attic.

Mother bats, as almost all mothers, will be frantic to get to her young. If you have sealed off all entrances to the attic, she might search for another way into your home. She could come in through open doors and windows in the living or working areas of your home. Most maternity colonies contain a minimum of perhaps 15 female bats. No one wants a colony of 15 desperate mother bats rushing in through your open door desperately searching for their babies.

Starving babies will try to crawl in search of food.

They are tiny and can fit through cracks and end up spread through your home. Many of the pups are going to die in the walls as they search. So you could end up 40 or more dead animals in your home. That is Not only a horrible fate for them, but it will cause an awful stench and infestations of other organisms will come to feed on the rotting carcasses. Wait for the end of the maternity season, mid to late August for them to leave. Locate gaps they use to enter and seal them up completely. Your bats will find another roost

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