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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - How to Locate and Remove a Dead Bat

How to Locate and Remove a Dead Bat

Bats play a very significant function in our ecosystem. Conversely, they are also related to various kinds of diseases and infections that are so deadly to human beings such as rabies. Many individuals are not able to locate a dead bat in their homes earlier because they don't know how to find them. Some of them die in the process of moving out by getting stuck for a long time. The question of how to find a dead bat is further discussed below;

First and foremost you can find them through an odor; you will suddenly feel an awful, irritating and horrible smell that will make everybody around very uncomfortable. All you need to do is to follow the direction of that odor and you will indeed find the dead bat it can at times be one or more than one.

Secondly, you can as well come across a dead bat while looking for something or when doing a thorough cleaning in your home or your building; that's when now you might come across a dead bat incidentally. Nevertheless, be very careful after finding dead bats do not carry on removing them without safety measures if you cannot contact a trained wildlife control unit make sure that you always provide the following things before removing it personally.
  • Thick leather gloves
  • Towels
  • Net
  • Plastic container
  • Small box or coffee can
  • Piece of cardboard
Wear the gloves then catch the bat and put it in a container or bag after that you seal off the container and throw away in a distant place either together with the bag or container if it is not reusable but you can disinfect the box if you can still need to use it. Also, try and check out if there is another dead one in the same place chances are very high, if so then follow the same precautions methods in the Oder to be safe from diseases. Don't ever dare to catch a dead bat with your bear hands.

The only other way to remove them is by contacting a controlled company who will come and remove it quickly than struggling on your own and maybe expose yourself to infections. Professionals know their jobs and it will not take them much time because that's what they are trained to do. You are more at risk to infections than professionals always try to contact them first even for advice before continuing to remove them it's so vital.

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