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Will a bright light or high pitch sound deterrent machine work on bat?

When your home has been invaded by bats it feels like you can do nothing to make them leave. You want to be rid of them, but you don’t want to kill or poison them. You start investigating the possibilities and see ads for number bat repellent devices. You are going to try one because they all claim to be humane, safe for the environment, run off the bats. You would not be the first person to act out of desperation only to find it didn’t work. There are so called bat repellent devices on the market that all claim unique qualities, unfortunately, according to most testimonials, none really work very well.

This is a list of the more popular types available today. There are a multitude of high tech whirligigs and machines that use wind, batteries, or solar power to operate. Some have moving “arms”, others reflective surfaces, or spinning parts and the price ranges from 40.00$ to 150.00$. They are basically a high tech scare crow. They might startle the bats at first, but the bats soon realize that this repetitive motion is all the device is going to do, and they just ignore it. There are battery operated sonic devices, some motion sensitive, some constant. A variation comes equipped with flashing strobe lights, and can even be solar powered.

These machines cost 40.00$ to 200.00$ but they claim to solve your bat problem by emitting a high pitch noise undetectable to our ears. Guess what? So do bats… Rather than running off bats, control where they roost by inspecting your home for accessible entry ways and eliminating their possible access. Put up a bat house in your yard and provide an alternative home instead of trying to rid yourself of these beneficial creatures. A colony of bats can consume tons of insects a night, acting as a natural exterminator for your yard.

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