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What is the summer maternity season?

Bats will change their habitat and behavior throughout the year, depending on the climate and conditions of the environment they live in, as well as the type of the bat. Bats will hibernate during the winter, and they will form a hibernation roost, in which they will spend the winter months hibernating safely. During the springtime, mating season for the bats will begin. After female bats eventually get pregnant and give birth to their babies. The period of time mother bats spend taking care of their newborns, until they are ready to separate from their mothers and fly on their own, is called summer maternity season.

Different types of bats will bring their offspring into the world throughout differents months of the year, which means that maternity seasons for different types of bats will begin throughout several summer months. The Evening bat will bring their offspring into the world the earliest in the year, as their maternity season will start around April 20 and end somewhere during the middle of July. The mexican Free Tail bat will start its maternity season around May 20 and end on August 10. The Little Brown Bat, also known as Myotis, and the Big Brown Bat, will start their maternity season around the beginning of June, and it will last until the middle of August.

Mothers will take care of their pups throughout several weeks, until they are able to fly and hunt on their own. The summer maternity season in bats means a possible home infestation for people, as a maternity colony might inhabit an attic, a shed or a basement. Removing or killing these bats is illegal in most of the cases, because bats are extremely important to the ecosystem. As mothers fly out to hunt, they will leave their babies behind. If these the entrance to their roost i blocked, the lives of baby bats will be in danger, and mothers might become aggressive in their attempt to reach their pups. For this reason, disturbing a maternity colony during the summer maternity season is often punishable by law. The homeowner are advised that, instead of trying to remove these animals, they tolerate them during the summer maternity season. The bats will soon relocate, once the babies grow stronger and become independent. During this time, homeowners might inspect their home and prepare to make changes that are needed in order to protect their home against further infestations.

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