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What should I do with a squirrel after I catch it?

Squirrels only appear as cute creatures when you see them from far most probably on your TV screens. In reality the presence of a squirrel inside your home or building always brings many strong issues and complications. So, you have to be extremely careful all the time and if there is an infestation present, then best idea is to take proper steps for getting rid of the problem on time. The more time is wasted the more things will get complicated and difficult to manage.

There are different strategies as well as ways which can be used for catching squirrels in an effective manner. You can use trapping as the best and most compatible technique. There are two types of trapping one is related with using live traps where you capture the animal alive. The other form is related with using killer traps this includes snap traps where the animal is killed as soon as it tries to get the bait. Now live traps are considered as more appropriate because of the fact that they subject animal to minimal pain and torture whereas on the other hand killer traps are not only inhumane, but also inappropriate.

Therefore it is suggested that people should prefer to use live trapping related strategies because these are effective and provide great results. However, most of the times you have to deal with question that What should I do with a squirrel after I catch it? The answer is tricky you put on a lot of effort for catching the squirrel, but what should be done afterwards.

It is obvious you can’t keep the animal as pets especially where there are small kids present in the house so the best and most appropriate thing to do is to put the animal in a safe and comfortable cage. Provide water and foods and take the cage in your car to a place situated far away from your house. You can release the squirrel after making sure that place is good enough for providing squirrel water and food. One important point you should never transport the mother squirrel alone in fact, mother and kids should be sent together.

Releasing the squirrel asks you to adopt a careful approach and you should better wear protective gloves and open the cage in a gentle fashion. In all cases your focus should be upon bringing minimum damage or harm to the squirrel.

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