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What to do about a squirrel on the roof

Almost all squirrels love to climb and use the branches of trees like a superhighway to travel from one place to another. Often the branch of a tree will lead them straight to your roof. While the squirrels don’t want to nest on your roof or hang out there for long periods of time, it does see the opportunity to find a way into your nice dry attic. If a squirrel decides to make a nest in your attic and then you have a problem. If you believe you have a squirrel on your roof, there’ll be certain signs, the most obvious of which is the sound of a squirrel running on your roof. You may also use a visual method by going outside and spotting the squirrel on your roof.

Other signs that indicate you have a squirrel problem can be chewed up fascia board or soffit on the outside of your home. A large amount of squirrel droppings found around, on, or in your home. Or sounds in your attic that indicates a squirrel has made a nest there which it accessed from your roof. Once you have a squirrel problem there are a large variety of ways to be rid of your furry friend. Commercial remedies include chemical repellents, mechanical repellents, and poisons, traps that kill, and live traps. You can also consult a professional animal removal service.

The best way to alleviate this problem is to keep squirrels from getting on your roof in the first place. Start with limiting all things that might attract squirrels’ to your home. Remove the readily available sources of food like bird feeders, unattended bowls of pet feed, and trash cans with no lids. Also remove sources of water such as bird baths, pet’s water bowls, and other standing water. Eliminate any branches, limbs, wires, or other jumping off points that can allow the squirrel access to your roof. Also remove any trellis, latticework, or other items that can be used as a ladder for the squirrel. Keep berry bushes, sunflowers, and other plants they like to eat away from your home as well. Prevention is always the best cure, especially when it comes to any type of rodent invading your home!

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