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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - What to do about a cage-shy squirrel

What to do about a cage-shy squirrel

To many individuals trapping a squirrel emerges as an easy job because they think that these creatures will easily fall into the set trap. Many take it as a small job, but actually it is not that simple because inexperience can make the task complicated and difficult to manage. You can think that catching squirrel is a hard job, but we will say that cage shy is just a term because most of the times inexperience of user is the main culprit behind these kinds of situations.

There are high chances present that you have been doing wrong all the time like making mistakes related with setting trap, selecting inappropriate bait or using not so decent traps etc. also there can be a combination of the previously highlighted issues. One point to realize is that trapping wild animal is an activity which demands a lot of skill as well as expertise so you simply can’t manage it alone if there is no earlier experience present.

Professionals who perform the job of catching squirrels have actually spent years in mastering the skills. Trapping a rodent especially squirrel is an activity that has many variables present. A common mistake which is made by inexperienced homeowners is all related with setting traps in the region of attic because they think that squirrels most of the time use attic as hiding place. However, this is not the right thing to do because squirrels eat outside so you effort will be wasted only. The trap designed for capturing squirrel should be placed near the entry points of roof or you can attach these to outside garden area. Trapping is considered as the best way for capturing the trouble making squirrel, but you need to realize one point that selection of proper location as well as bait plays a key role in all this so be alert and careful all the time.

The issues as well as complexities associated with this task can be best understood by wild life experts. Therefore, if you don’t have any kind of earlier experience presents for your support then leave it to experts. The use of good bait is something which can either turn situation in your favor or against so always stay careful in selecting the bait. Live trapping is considered as decent and humane, killer traps on the other hand are also forbidden in most parts of the country.

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