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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - Do more squirrels live in urban areas or wild areas?

Do more squirrels live in urban areas or wild areas?

Depending on the type of a squirrel we are talking about, they will inhabit different places depending on their needs. Grey squirrels usually live on the land, while red and flying squirrels inhabit the trees. Despite the general belief that squirrels belong in the wild, they are most likely to inhabit populated urban areas. This means that you can find more squirrels living in the cities than in the woods. But, what is the reason for squirrels to abandon wilderness and move to populated areas? We will review some of the main causes.


Deforestation is a factor that contributed to squirrels migrating to urban areas. The reason for deforestation and plant life removal to cause squirrels to migrate is the one that is necessary in order to build homes and cities. As trees and bushes are cleared in the purpose of construction, animals that inhabit these areas tend to migrate to other safe areas. For squirrels, once they are removed from their natural habitat, they will migrate to the nearest place offering shelter and food. Cities and private homes become attractive places for squirrels, as they offer easily accessible food and shelter.


Households with gardens and crop fields are especially attractive to squirrels, as they offer large amounts of accessible foods. Plants and seeds homeowners are growing in their gardens, as well as the food they leave out in their bird feeders. Particularly in the densely inhabited cities, where tall trees and plants can be found in every estate, squirrels find it easier to survive. Protected against other wild animals that are not present in the urban areas, and frequently even protected by law, the survival of the squirrels is better secured within the urban areas than within the wild.

Nesting and shelter

One thing squirrels need more than food is a shelter. Squirrels need dark, quiet and safe places to hide from predators and give birth to their litter. Roofs, basements, and sheds are appealing for squirrels to inhabit for their remoteness and safety. This is the reason why squirrels can inhabit human homes, even to the degree of being considered as pests. For the time squirrels inhabit human homes, they can cause the extensive damage to the installations and the infrastructure to the home and even posing a sanitary and health risk.

Due to the danger of extinction that squirrels face as a consequence of deforestation, which left squirrels deprived of their natural habitat. For this reason, squirrels are protected by law in many areas, which forbids homeowners from hunting and killing them. However, since squirrels can cause a significant amount of damage to households, homeowners are allowed to hire professional pest or animal removal companies to remove these animals from them.

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