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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - Do all squirrels have rabies?

Do all squirrels have rabies?

Rabies is by far one of the most dreaded diseases when it comes to the danger of most pest infestations. It is transmitted through blood, saliva and feces, which makes it the number one risk of having your home infested with different animal pests. In fact, the fear of contracting a disease such as rabies is one of the reasons homeowners choose to hire a professional pest removal service or company, instead of removing the animals by themselves. This is a smart idea, by all means, considering that initial clues people notice that make them suspect pest infestation are, in fact, bite marks, holes, gaps and- feces, all possibly carrying the danger of contracting rabies.

But, should you fear that all squirrels might be rabies transmitters? Should you fear that this innocent-looking animal that had inhabited your home or estate, is, in fact, exposing you to the danger of contracting rabies, and can squirrels in general have and transmit rabies? The answer to these questions is, sadly affirmative, but you still need to know a few important facts before you start panicking. First things first, yes, squirrels can contract and transmit rabies to other animals and humans. Squirrels can get infected with various diseases by other squirrels or even other animals.

Now, to answer the second question, it's important to know that sickly squirrels, particularly the ones carrying rabies, definitely show visible symptoms. It goes without saying that it wouldn't be wise to try and catch a scared, panicky squirrel by yourself, be it healthy or not, but if you notice some of the symptoms of rabies that are common to most animals, such as aggressive and erratic behavior, excess saliva and sensitivity to light, the best decision you can make is to call a professional pest removal service, and preferably, perform a detailed disinfection of the area, also preferably by a professional.

It is important to know that not all squirrels have to or can transmit rabies. In fact, squirrels are one of the least dangerous animals to fear rabies from. Even though the theoretical possibility exists, squirrels rarely ever contract or transmit rabies. However, even though rabies is not something you should be instantly panic over when encountering squirrels in your home, it is definitely a theoretical possibility for you to consider and be cautious of. Protective measures can ensure that you or the members of your household will not get infected. The number one way to protect yourself is to leave to a professional to handle squirrel removal, and head straight to the doctor in case you or anyone else living in your home gets bitten by a squirrel. It is not very likely that the squirrel bite will get infected or carry rabies with it, but you can never be too cautious. Also, if your pet(s) or farm animals experience any animal bites, the most responsible thing to do would definitely be to take them to the veterinarian.

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