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Raccoon Prevention - How to Keep Raccoons Away

How To Keep Raccoons Away - Raccoons may appear to be a simple, furry and cute animal that has adapted to scavenge food and scraps from a variety of sources, but the reality is that they are particularly hardy and adaptable, which is why you can find raccoons almost everywhere in the United States. As a pest animal, most people will come across raccoons when they see garbage sacks that have been ripped open to get to a food source, but they are actually omnivorous animals that can survive on different food sources. When it comes to getting rid of raccoons and making sure that they stay away, there are a variety of different techniques that you can use, and most people will find that a combination of steps will help to ensure those pesky raccoons don't come back.

Maintaining The Fence Around The Property

There is a very good reason that most yards and gardens will have a fence around it, and this is really the first line of defense that your yard or garden will have against the raccoon. Making sure that the fence is in good condition is a very good start, but it is worth making sure that the mesh of the fence is buried a few inches in the soil, to prevent animals from burrowing underneath, while those fences that slope outwards at the top can also make it difficult for a raccoon to get in. If this isn't really stopping the raccoons from getting in, look to trim back any overhanging trees or hedges, and it may even be worth installing an electric fence that can be switched on during the evening and night, when the raccoons are most active.

Removing Food Sources For The Raccoons

The biggest attraction that will draw most raccoons to a particular location is if there is a good source of food there, and many domestic properties make it far too easy for these resourceful creatures. Garbage is one of the biggest food sources for urban raccoons, and most people will keep their trash in black garbage sacks, but by putting them in a container such as a plastic bin can help reduce the scent that spreads, while also making it much tougher for the raccoon to get to the food.

Pet food is another area where raccoons can be resourceful and steal food, and if you are leaving bowls out for cats or dogs on the back porch, this can often be eaten by the raccoons before your pets get there. Making sure pet food is securely stored, and served where only your pets can get to it will also help to keep raccoons away.

Changing Your Garden To Make It Less Attractive For The Raccoon

Raccoons like gardens that have food sources such as fallen fruit available, so remove this whenever possible, but also consider whether or not there is a lot of cover available for the raccoon. Because they are animals that can look to create a den near a domestic property, it is worth making sure that any cavities or spaces beneath sheds, decking, and porches are protected by a layer of wire mesh to keep them out. You might also want to consider removing wood piles and low shrubs, as raccoons love the cover that these features give them.

Trapping And Removing A Raccoon

When it comes to dealing with a raccoon problem, the most effective way of dealing with the issue once the raccoons are regularly visiting your yard or garden is to trap the animals and then to remove them from the area. A cage trap is the most common way of doing this, with the 'cat trap' size just right for dealing with a raccoon. Location is very important if you are trying to trap a raccoon, so look around your yard or garden for signs that the raccoon is active in a particular area, and look to place the trap in the area where the raccoon seems to be most active. Bait can really make a big difference, and sweet treats such as marshmallows and peanut butter can be just as effective as more traditional food such as meat, wet cat food and fish.

Should You Use Repellents To Keep Raccoons Away?

The idea that you can spray a repellent or simply switch on a repellent device and that will solve your raccoon problem is definitely an attractive way, and in a few cases these products may actually work. However, in the majority of cases repellents have proved to be ineffective at best, and most animal experts will recommend that you look to other ways of dealing with animal problems rather than spending money on an animal repellent. When you consider that you can spend over a hundred dollars on an audio repellent system, that is a lot of money to spend on something that has very little evidence to support it.

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