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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - What to do about a raccoon under the porch

What to do about a raccoon under the porch

When the raccoons live under the shed or deck, they may be having the babies. You have to be careful and avoid orphaning the babies. The babies are normally excellent mothers and they may choose to take the babies somewhere else when they get frightened. However, when you evict the mother, it may leave the babies or it may be separated away of the babies.

The first option when the raccoons are under the shed or the deck is that you do not do anything. The raccoons decide to live underground for some period. The raccoons can be independent when the summer is about to end and this is the time that they leave their den and to disperse in the family group. The mothers will also be living the den sites in the nesting season and this means that it may decide to leave alone. When you do not wish to wait up to the time that the raccoons get out, then you have to start by getting to know all the access point in order to prevent more raccoons against coming in. When you make the area not to be safe by the use of the light, not to be quiet or not to be dark, the raccoon can decide to go away of the property on its own. The harassment strategies have to be near the den entrance and the raccoons are not going to ignore them and they are going to go.

You can put the bright light on entrance of the den; it can be outside or inside. You have to ensure that it is fire safe and because the raccoons are normally nocturnal, they will not like to have bright lights in the homes. You can tune the radio on to a talk station and put it near an entrance. The music does not affect the raccoons in any way but a human voice can be threatening.

You can soak the apple cider vinegar and the ammonia and you can put them into a plastic bag. Poke the holes into the bag and let the smell to escape or hang it next to the entrance of the den. The scent deterrent is not that effective but it may help if it is used in the combination of other methods. Keep the above for 3 days with 3 nights and you should be too persistent to be able to convince the raccoons to go away.

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