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Do raccoons live or travel in packs?

Raccoons use multiple dens throughout their lifetime. Even though male raccoons prefer to lead a solitary life, there are circumstances where they will join other groups in order to survive more easily. In general, raccoons can live as solitary animals, not belonging to a community. They can survive on their own, which means that they are capable of finding shelter, hunting and feeding as individuals. Although raccoons don’t need to live in communities to survive, they also can and often do live in large communities. These communities include both male and female raccoons, as well as their younglings. this means that raccoons can, but don't have to, live in communities in order to survive.

Adult raccoon males mainly live a solitary life, with a few exception. They will join family units to mate and nurture their young, and they can stay with these communities for longer periods of time. Male raccoons mainly hunt and bring food for the most of their lives, except when they are competing for females and maiting. Male raccoons will often stay within their expanded family communities in times of hunger and cold, especially during winter months. The community of raccoons will find it easier to survive challenging weather conditions and the lack of food if they are hunting together.

Raccoons also live in family groups, which expand and grow over time. Raccoon family groups can vary in sizes, because they grow depending on the mating cycles and the survival of the out crest. These animals also in-breed, and families grow by their members mating and reproducing. Raccoon families can last from several months, the time needed to survive tough winters, to really long periods of time. Male raccoons will often leave these communities as they become older for expanding their territory and hunting.

Raccoons will mostly live in groups during winter months. Faced with challenging weather conditions, raccoons are left to manage on their own. Food sources are fewer during the winter, which is why raccoons need to work together in order to survive. Finding shelter is also easier for raccoons who live in groups, because a group can manage to explore a large territory a lot faster than an individual. This makes it a lot easier for raccoons to find good shelters spots during the winter.

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