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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - How to keep raccoons out from under a shed or porch

How to keep raccoons out from under a shed or porch

The raccoons can look as if they are cute when they are at distance, however they can be unwanted pests if you find that you have the signs of the raccoons in the home. They do have the parasites and the diseases which pose the risk to the small children or dogs. To enter in the place, the raccoons may fit in a small area in the fence to keep out these animals; you have to use a fence. Wild animals are not the ones that can be kept as pets in homes. These are also not allowed to be entered in homes, attic, or any place where the human are to move about. This is just because of the threats and dangers which is caused by the wild animal’s presence.

You should start by digging the trench which is 6 deep and also 12 inches wide near the perimeter or near the shed. Bend a bottom of galvanized wire mesh so that the materials may have L-shape with the bottom which is 12 inches that fit against the bottom of a trench. The wire mesh has to be buried in 6 inches deep and it should have a bottom edge which extends to reach to 12 inches outward in order to block the digging of the raccoons and to extend the solid wood and other materials found at the shed that cover the openings.

Secure a top of a wire mesh on the shed using the heavy duty staples, screws or the staple gun with the fender washers which are larger compared to the mesh openings. You can space such fasteners after every feet and wherever there are multiple section of the wire mesh so the material can be held against a shed in a tight manner.

Cover an option of wire mesh which is found at a bottom of a trench using the soil and pack it down using the hand or feet tamp. To work on the fence, you should get shovel, work gloves, wire cutters, staple gun, screws, heavy duty staples and fender washers.

Use the staples but not the washers or screws for securing wire mesh in place if you want to trim over a top of your materials. The galvanized wire mess can be unattractive but you may improve the appearance using the spray paint when needed and to install the decorative lattice on it. You should be aware of where there are buried utilities before you start to dig for the fence.

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