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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - Will A Pest Control Company Remove A Raccoon?

Will A Pest Control Company Remove A Raccoon?

Think about this. You are sleeping peacefully in your bed, dreaming of white sandy beaches and blue tropical waters, when suddenly the beautiful…well, maybe we should stop there. All of a sudden you wake up because a thump and scratch came from the attic. Now instead of having a lovely dream, you find out you have an unwanted tenant, and she doesn’t even pay rent!

How do you get rid of her and her kids? Raccoons look for nesting places up high and attics are a favorite place to have a family. Free from predators, the mamma can build a cozy nest for her babies and raise them peacefully, for her anyway. You could try calling your locale pest company, but chances are, they will turn down the job.

Pest companies are usually only equipped for spiders, roaches, ants, etc. They don’t have the equipment needed to remove wildlife. The city and county animal control offices are out too. They only deal with cats and dogs. To remove your raccoon family, you will need a company that specializes in just that, wildlife removal.

There are several companies out there that do remove raccoons. The trick is to find one that will move them in a way that is humane. Relocating the animals doesn’t work. Raccoons are territorial creatures, so if the family is released in an area that contains other raccoons, they could be attacked and killed. It wouldn’t solve the problem anyway, because once one raccoon family moves out of its territory, another will just move in.

It is also illegal to poison raccoons in every state, so a company that sets that out is not a reputable company. Poisons don’t really work on raccoons anyway, and even if it does, if the bodies aren’t removed the smell will be horrible.

The best and most humane way is to trap the babies and use them as bait for the mother using a partitioned trap. This keeps the family together, if released in the same area, helps them find a new nesting place.

Don’t try to remove the animal yourself. Because of some of the diseases they carry, you can get very sick. If the mother is infected with rabies and bites you, you may have to go down a road you don’t want to. Leave it to the professionals and keep your house in good repair.

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