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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - What animals do rats kill?

What animals do rats kill?

Rats are dangerous rodents, most people have realized this by know. People are terrified of having rats in their homes, not only because they are a safety and sanitary hazard, but also because rats are known to be able to act aggressively. A known fact that rats are drawn by blood, and that they will start biting on anything around them that is covered with blood is intimidating to most people. For various reasons, you might be wondering whether or not rats are capable of killing other animals. In theory, rats can and will attack and kill other animals. However, whether or not this will actually happen depends on many factors, and

Rats are omnivores who will eat pretty much anything that comes their way, especially if they are starving. In rare situations, it is not impossible to see rats feeding on mice. Rats will rarely ever actually hunt mice, but they will definitely resort to killing them if the two species occupy the same territory. And, yes, mice are more likely to lose in this fight for power. Rats will also, in some cases, turn to killing cats and dogs. This, however, stands mainly for smaller types of cats and dogs that larger rats could subdue more easily. However, we can say for sure cat and dog younglings, small kittens and puppies are definitely at risk from being killed by rats. If you are keeping a litter of cat or dog babies in your home or yard, the danger that rats might attack them for feeding is real.

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Rats rarely kill other animals for food, but they are definitely capable of doing it in times or starvation, or if they feel threatened. Rats will more often kill other animals during the winter months, when it becomes harder for them to find enough sources of food. Even though larger animal species are less prone to being attacked by rats, that still doesn’t exclude the chance that the scent of blood coming from an injured animal might attract rats.

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If a situation like that occurs, rats will attack and kill an injured animal, which will be a slow and agonizing death if the animal is too weak to defend itself. This is one of the cruelest facts about rats and their feeding habits, but it is very real. Most often, rats that live in sewerage tunnels will act this way, due to the lack of other food sources.

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