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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - Do rats dig holes?

Do rats dig holes?

Rats are categorized as rodents and these creatures are well known for their different capabilities and potentials of inflicting damage. They invade houses, destroy insulation, damage wiring and bring much other harm for the inhabitants. In fact, it will not be wrong to mention here that rats are one of the most common animals that invade houses and other buildings in the urban settlements. Known as the real trouble makers, rats are popular for all the wrong reasons. Do rats dig holes? This is a question that will be in minds of those who have beautiful gardens and are concerned about their charm and beauty. To be honest there is a certain type of rats known as roof rats also known as black rats normally like the idea of staying in ground when there are other limited options present for making a home. Rats bring harm for plants as well food sources therefore, you will have to take proper action in order to save garden from becoming a total mess.

The moist soil of most gardens is one of the most preferred destinations for rats who want to make burrows by dig holes. The sign of a new burrow is that you will find a decent collection of soil present next to hole. Rats will dig holes during night so chances are less that you will see them entering the hole. For checking that rat is present inside, burrow or not you can insert stacker of papers inside. If rat is present in burrow then it will throw away the paper within time period of two days.

The holes which rats dig normally have a width of 2-4 inches and their depth is less that 18 inches also length is 36 inches. There are also emergency exists present in the holes, which are made in gardens. Inside a burrow you will find male, young ones and male’s female partner and the nest is present in center. In contrast to digging of moles rats normally dig deeper holes.

Bird seed as well as food act as strong attractants for rats. It is therefore, suggested that rat proof containers should be used for storing food. In case you feel that rats have invaded a property then it is very much important to take proper steps for driving these creatures away otherwise it will become difficult to handle and deal these matters. In all cases professionals are needed for the task.

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