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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - Do rats enter a building through the plumbing?

Do rats enter a building through the plumbing?

Plumbing is nothing more than a system of tunnel like channel made of drains, fittings, and pipes that run all through your house. If rats can chew through wood or siding to get into your attic, accessing a building through the plumbing is easy. Rats are determined once they decide they are after something. Once they decide you have good food water and shelter, they are coming in. They can make your entire home miserable and drive you to the brink of crazy. Here are some ways in which rats access a building through the plumbing.

Rats can easily chew through a PVC pipe to find their way through your plumbing and into your home. Keeping your pipes buried, and checking for breakage is the only way to prevent this. If there is any opening in the ground-level pipe that leads to the attic, toilet back flow, or air vents, rats have easy access into the your home. They have sharp teeth that can chew through wood, plastic, and even cement. Heavy rubber pipefittings are no match for them. Holes that electricians will have to make some s in order run an air conditioner line against a wall can have just enough room for a rat to access it.

They can fit in holes as small as ½ inch. In situations when space was left on both sides of the air conditioner piping, rats will have a field day. Rats use these super highways to get into your walls and head for high ground- your attic, where they will set up housekeeping. They will not stay there though. The will use these same pipes to travel around your house in search of food and water to aid them in their primary goal, which is to breed a large population quickly. They will be found in your kitchen, bathroom, even bedroom. The will drop feces and spread filth all over your home. Make sure you inspect your plumbing often. Close up any holes around pipes or conduit in your outside walls and keep your yard free of debris!

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