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How To Kill Wild Animals - Poison Wildlife?

There is no doubt that wild animals can be a real nuisance if they come into contact with people in urban or suburban areas, and they can cause issues such as spreading disease, digging through garbage bags and even stealing food from sheds and yards. One way of trying to deal with the problem is to look for options to kill these animals, and there are a variety of different ways in which this can be done. However, you do have to be careful when taking this approach, as there are often regulations about how and when you are allowed to kill wild animals, and there are also certain methods that can cause more problems than they solve.

Is poison the best way to kill wild animals? When it comes to dealing with rodents, many people will almost automatically reach for the poison as it is a well established way of dealing with rats and other animals. There are however several problems when it comes to using poison to kill wild animals, which include:

  • 1. You have no guarantee that you will be able to find the carcass of the animal.

  • 2. In many cases, other animals, such as domestic pets can get to the poison before the target animal.

  • 3. Poison is a cruel and painful death for the animal.

  • 4. Where only a small amount of poison is consumed, it can cause illness rather than kill the animal.

There are a variety of different poisons available, and while they are all toxic, many will kill the animal in different ways. When using this approach, it is vital that you place the poison in a location where no other animals or children can access, otherwise it can cause very serious problems.


Another approach for dealing with wild animals is to shoot them, and there are many people who choose to do this as a hobby as well being able to do it professionally. There are strict restrictions where you can shoot animals legally, so in most cases you will really only be able to kill wild animals through shooting in the country, and it certainly isn't wise to try and kill animals in and around a domestic property in this way. Killing a wild animal through hunting should also really only be undertaken by those who have the relevant equipment and training in order to kill the animal with their shot, as leaving an injured animal that escapes is a cruel and inhumane thing to do.

Lethal Traps

Another options for killing wild animals is to use lethal traps, and ever since the first colonization of the United States, there have been people trapping wild animals for their fur and as a way of dealing with problem species. The most common type of trap that people will use is the baited snap trap, which snaps shut over rodents such as mice and rats, killing them almost instantly. However, when it comes to dealing with larger animals such as raccoons, foxes and coyotes, most people will not have the experience of dealing with animals to know how to set the traps correctly. This can lead to further problems as it can cause other species such as dogs and cats to be caught in the traps, or for the traps to catch but not kill the target animal.

Problems With Killing Wild Animals

There are several issues that you are going to need to overcome if you are going to be killing wild animals, and one of the most important things is that it is something that is very difficult to do safely and efficiently. If you are dealing with nuisance animals in and around a domestic property, you will often find that any attempt to kill the animal may risk hurting or killing other animals in the area, and certainly should be avoided if you have domestic pets. The other issue is to do with the disposal of the carcass, as there are a limited number of places where it can be done safely. Animal carcasses cannot be left out with the garbage as they will draw other problem animals, while burying is a solution that will also likely draw more animals to the area.

Alternatives Ways To Deal With Nuisance Animals

There are many different ways that you can use to deal with nuisance animals that will offer a better solution to killing the animal, and the option of trapping and removal is certainly one worth considering. If you are having problems with animals repeatedly coming back to your yard or garden, you may want to look at the features attracting them to the area, because if they are coming to the area because of a particular food source, killing the animal will not provide a permanent solution. In many cases, the installation or repair of a good fence around the property will be just as effective at solving the problem as trying to kill the animal.
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